WP-CLI is a command line interface tool where you can execute commands related to your WordPress website without the need to log in from the web browser to the back office. This is a useful option because sometimes you may need to perform for example mass actions.

List the plugins you have currently installed within your WordPress website.

Just run the command into your terminal:

wp plugin list

As a result you should receive a table similar to the one below:

| name            | status   | update    | version |
| akismet         | inactive | none      | 4.1.7   |
| duplicator      | active   | available | 1.3.38  |
| hello           | inactive | none      | 1.7.2   |
| litespeed-cache | active   | none      | 3.5.2   |

As you can see the result list your installed plugins along with the status, information if there is an update available and the version of the plugin. Pretty neat right?


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